lenny ferreira Lenny Ferreira

After graduating from the University of Massachusetts, with a degree in business, Lenny packed his bags and headed West to Los Angeles as he has always been interested in video production and the Internet. Lenny started his digital media career in 1994, when he worked for Avid Technology, makers of the original computer based editing system. Lenny built his first website in 1994 and quickly started producing short films and publishing them online for his friends and family to watch.

After getting his feet wet in the video production business, Lenny moved to the Bay area, where he founded FullView Media, a boutique webcasting and video production company. Over the past 20 years, Lenny has worked with all of the major studios in Hollywood and is currently helping fortune 500 companies in the San Francisco, Bay Area produce media for their online audience. More than a decade later, it has never been easier to publish video online.

Lenny and his partner Denise share their love of food and life on the popular food blog Chez Us. When she is not cooking, and he is not devouring, they can be found traveling and enjoying the great outdoors.

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