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Contests - Food Wine Conference Food Wine Conference


These contests will be running during the Food Wine Conference, May 19-21, 2017. Enter one, or enter them all.

#FWCon Photo Contest

Platform: Instagram
Timeline:Friday @ registration – Sunday @ #Hashed
Objective: Must use #FWCon hashtag to qualify. Broken into 3 categories/3 prizes:
  • (1) Most Beautiful Shot of Food
  • (2) Best Brand Representation
  • (3) Best Candid.

Winners to be chosen by a team of 3 anonymous judges TBD

Prizes awarded:
  • (1) $100 to A Land Remembered & 2018 #FWCon ticket
  • (2) 50-minute Rosen Massage OR Facial & 2018 #FWCon ticket
  • (3) ONE Round of Golf & 2018 #FWCon ticket

#GotForkd Instagram contest

Platform: Instagram
Timeline: Friday @ registration – Saturday @ Sock Hop
Objective: Must use both #FWCon & #GotForkd hashtags to qualify. Judging criteria: most creative/humorous shot of attendees with Fork prop in any tasteful, respectful setting during the conference between Friday and Saturday nights. Participants will be encouraged not to interrupt sessions or speakers just to “get a shot.” But pay attention – there’s still more! When you have the fork in YOUR possession, you must pass it to someone who hasn’t received it yet and they must post a pic and follow the same rules!
Winner to be chosen by a team of 3 anonymous judges TBD
Prizes awarded: $100 to Cala Bella, 50-minute Rosen Massage OR Facial, 2018 #FWCon ticket

#FWCon Smartphone Video Contest (special – please see extended contest information here)

Platform: Facebook – Videos must be shared publicly and a link must be submitted to a pinned post (post will go up  Monday – you have until end of day Saturday 06/05/17 to submit) on FWCon Attendees group on FB to be judged.
Timeline:Friday @ registration – Sunday @ closing words.
Objective: Capture the essence of #FWCon in 1-3 minutes using only your smartphone to record + editing software.
Prizes awarded: 2018 #FWCon ticket, 2 night stay at Rosen, $100 to A Land Remembered, ONE round of Golf