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Food and Wine Conference


Nikki from Nik Snacks attended last year’s Food and Wine Conference and this is what she had to say –
” I was INCREDIBLY motivated to follow my passions and dreams and now I’ve got so many things coming my way, I have to turn things down. I’ve got my own local TV show now, a weekly podcast (our 1st anniversary is coming up) and I’ve got some exciting projects coming up that I can’t wait to share with you all. Honestly, it was all sparked by the sessions, the energy and the possibility and the passion of #FWCon. It was always inside of me, I just needed a little boost”
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“You have no idea of the powerful ripples you have started. I am so very proud of you, Isabel. The Food and Wine Conference  was a labor of love. The vibe and energy over the course of that weekend continues to push so many of us forward and part of that momentum is the desire to show off the incredibly talented people who participated and one of them is most definitely Michele Northrup” –  Betsy Cohen

“By far one of the best conferences I have ever attended. The accommodations were outstanding, the sessions inspiring and educational, the speakers motivational and encouraging. Don’t even get me started on the awesome food and snacks we were treated to all weekend, my mouth still waters. I’m already planning for next year because I’m definitely coming back.” – Nicole Cook

“Thank you so much for everything. Oh my gosh, the blessings and good tidings still keep coming. I wish I could convey to you in words how grateful I am I was able to make it to The Food and Wine Conference and share my brownies with everyone there! It meant so much to me to meet you AND your beautiful family.” – Nikki from Niks Snacks

“I just wanted to say that you guys did such a fantastic job on the conference.  I’ve been to a lot of conferences over the years, and this one was by far my favorite. Thank you for letting me do a joint session with Nicole. Everyone was so kind with their feedback. You can count me again next year.”Dan Cristo

“I hope you’re still glowing from the fabulous conference this past weekend. I don’t know what I expected but what I got was so much more — I met wonderful people who were real REAL… and helpful… and sweet. I was so pleased to be involved, honored really, and had so much fun getting to know your tribe.”Maggie Battista Eat Boutique

“I had a terrific time at the conference this weekend. If our panel taught one-hundredth as much as I learned from the other speakers, then we did a great job. You put together an amazing group of panelists and attendees, not to mention the volunteers, the sponsors, and the Shingle Creek staff.” – Dan Rosenberg Editor, Harvard Commons Press

“The Food and Wine Conference was a conference like no other professional conference I have ever experienced and I can’t thank Isabel enough for the opportunity to attend. I also can’t wait to sample next year’s conference.” – Denise Taylor

What people had to say about least year’s conference: