The Balancing Act – Blog, Business, Work, Family, Life

Having it all can be overwhelming, but not impossible. If you’ve ever felt like you’re walking the tight rope in a three-ring circus, between managing your blog, business, work and family, this dynamic panel of busy bloggers, T.R. Crumbley, Brenda Bennett, Jenny Melrose and Danielle Omar, moderated by Brianne Izzo, will share their tips and tricks on how to create a good work-life balance. Learn how to save time by automating social media, get tips on reaching out for help with your blog, learn how to plan ahead and prioritize your schedule, and how to make blogging work for you. You can do it all and have fun in the process!

Location: Sebastian I Date: July 18, 2015 Time: 10:45 am - 11:30 am tr-crumbley T.R. Crumbley Brenda-SugarFreeMom-small Brenda Bennett melrose Jenny Melrose omar Danielle Omar Brianne-Cupcakes-Kale-Chips-Pic-600x600 Brianne Izzo